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Talent + optimal tools + qualified methods =

of service to our clients

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We are able to create world-class architecture and engineering with the implementation of different development methodologies.

Our team is trained in the use of different tools for each stage and type of project. Our cooperation process between affiliates and the HQ in Germany provides us global expertise.

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BIM | Building Information Modelling

At PSP Mx we use methodologies and tools to rise our performance, improving our service and keeping us in the shape of the tech for the better you as client.

In Project design we work BIM and Digital Twins environments. We use Needs Assessment methods to set your needs and targets; also some others for Risk Analysis and Mitigation.

We follow strict control procedures to handle and match your

construction quality, time and investment. The same way we use

strict procedures to control your project commissioning.

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Key Policies in Our Company


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